The Rules

  1. The game starts when a dog is seen and a player says "Dog!", signifying that the game has started.
  2. The first dog starting the game is not counted. This is similar to an offside rule and prevents games being won in the last few seconds of the day.
  3. Points are accumulated by players seeing a dog before their opponent and saying "Dog"
  4. All dog sightings must be corroborated by another player or the dog will be disallowed.
  5. If you see more than one dog at a time, to claim them all dogs must be announced. Three dogs, for example, is announced "Dog, Dog, Dog". It is illegal in this game to say "Three dogs" or "dogs times three"
  6. No points for spotting your own dog.
  7. No points for spotting a dog involved in sport or what some people think is sport
  8. You lose all points for seeing a cat and saying "cat"
  9. The game finishes at midnight.
  10. The player with the highest number of points is the winner.
  11. In the event of a draw, the winner will be the player who saw the most number of dogs. After that, it goes to Golden Dog.
  12. Crying Wolf, meaning saying dog when there isn't one deliberately to get your friends to look, -1 point for each utterance


One point

  • A dog

Two points

  • Police Dog
  • Guide Dog
  • Rescue Dog
  • Dog in a silly coat (Unless you are in Stockholm and it's vinter)
  • Dog going about its business (This can mean many things)
  • Dog having a swim
  • Dog hanging out a car window (Careful pooch)
  • Dog in a pub
  • Dog with a stick
  • Dog enjoying a Wanger
  • Dog digging a hole
  • Dog on a bike
  • Dog on public transport (Bus, Train, Tube or Cable Car)

Three points

  • Dog missing a leg
  • Dog with a dish thing on its head
  • Dog seen in a school or workplace (This does not count if you are a policeman, vet or farmer)
  • Dog at a Polling Station (UK only)
  • Dog on a conference call (A woof in the background gets you points)

Four points

  • An urban fox
  • Dog with boots on (a point for each paw)

Ten points

  • Celebrity dog
  • Dog on the ski slopes (Extra 2 points if mountain rescue)
  • Dog chasing a cat
  • A Dalmatian grinning at you
  • A WOLF!

One Hundred points

  • A Varulv!

Double up

  • Calling the breed correctly (no need to say dog)


  • Combinations are key to winning a game such as this. Like scrabble inventiveness is encouraged
    Police dog, missing a leg, going about it's business  2+3+2 = 7 (or one human)