The Deep and interesting history of the game

Some time in the mid 70's a small boy who loves dogs started to play a game of spotting dogs. He called the game "Dog!"

In 2004 during a trip to France, my family and I started to play quite spontaneously the game of spotting dogs and collecting points, it’s quite addictive.

One person sees a dog then someone else sees one. "How many points do you get for that one"... you get the idea.

Well someone had to formalize the game and I decided that someone should be me.

In the past friends have questioned if I make the rules up as I go along so I win.

With the advances in technology, I have decided to put the rules online and thus end all arguments.

Over time some extra rules have been added and point scoring adjusted. Send in your ideas and maybe I will add them to the game.

Enjoy my silly game. Woof!